Boost Traffic - Get With the Search Engines

Now that you have captured your "offline" audience, you want to capture the "online" audience. This involves optimizing your website to rank high on the most popular search engines. The procedure is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A smart eMarketing strategy takes this into consideration before the decision to create a website is made, because incorporating SEO in the initial web design process is simpler (thus less expensive) than retrofitting optimization, and the expected time before seeing successful results is less.

Since about 45 percent of web users discover new sites through search engines, it is crucial to rank high for the search keywords that define your business. A high ranking involves, in most cases, appearing among the top 20 hits for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. That means that when a potential client searches for "your" keywords, the link to your website will show within the first two pages of hits. This, of course, greatly increases the chance of receiving a "click" that could turn into a customer.