Pleasant Grove Self Storage

Pleasant Grove Self Storage is proud to announce the launch of its new website.

With a new, state-of-the-art facility, PG Self Storage needed a fresh approach to their web presence, and i360 made it happen.


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About i360 CreativeLab


Ever since i360 was founded, we have strived to define an environment that allows the employees to participate in any aspect of our business development. We believe that knowledge first and foremost may be utilized to its full potential if an employee finds comfort and appreciation within the team.

Pixel Pete is our virtual Director of Peoplepower. Pete has one main task: ensure that the folks at i360 work hard and structured, yet maintain a positive attitude.

The concept is very basic. A satisfied person has the potential to contribute and perform at a much higher scale than the contrary. So imagine a company that possesses high competency, excellent service principles, and smiley faces - all at the same time. It is a killer combination that exists at i360, and we want you as a client to take advantage of it.

This is why we say it out loud. People come first, then technology. Combined they have the power to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients. How can we be so sure? It's simple - because we know. On a daily basis we receive comments from current clients, new and old, about how much they appreciate our business foundation. This is firsthand information, straight from the heart of the most reliable source you can find, our clients.

This allows us to improve our service level, enhance the functionalities of our applications, learn directly from clients about tailored needs, and last but not least, compile a set of knowledge that makes us competitive.

We've been in the web industry long enough to know what is important. We've experienced the fall of the dot-com, and as we speak, the market scrambles for viability. The saying goes, "it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it". Consider us that somebody that throughout the years has seen the ups and downs of our own industry. Take advantage of our expertise. There's no reason why you should make a poor Internet investment, there are enough companies ahead of you on that list.

Let i360 make your investment worthwhile. Our enthusiastic team of powerful people will ensure that you get what you want - and need.

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